Contacting Thames Valley Police

Domestic abuse is a crime that is often hidden. Thames Valley Police is determined to bring it out into the open. We want you to report domestic abuse to us because no one has the right to treat another individual in this way, because the chances are the person committing the abuse is also committing a crime; because the abuse could escalate and put you in serious danger, and because we want to prevent it happening to you again.

  • If domestic abuse is in progress, if you feel threatened, if you are in immediate danger, or it's an emergency, call 999.
  • In a non-emergency, call 101, the Thames Valley Police 24-hour non-emergency number. Ask for your local Domestic Abuse Unit.

What we will do

Thames Valley Police attends all domestic abuse incidents. When an incident is reported to us it is graded according to the response required. If urgent attendance is thought to be necessary, officers will attend immediately. Sometimes it is more appropriate for officers to visit at an arranged time.

Once we have spoken to you, we will look into the incident further and if a crime has taken place there will be a full investigation. The officer who responds to your call will assess the risk posed to you by the abuser and your case may be passed to staff who are specially trained in domestic abuse who will then deal with the case for you.

If domestic abuse is reported to us anonymously we will thoroughly research the information or intelligence, checking with our partners and if possible positively intervene where appropriate.

Thames Valley Police have seven regional specialist domestic abuse units that you can contact for advice through our 101 number.

The role of the police in domestic abuse cases is to:

  • Protect the lives of both adults and children who are at risk as a result of domestic abuse
  • Adopt a proactive approach to prevent and reduce domestic abuse
  • Effectively investigate all reports of domestic abuse
  • Facilitate effective action against offenders so that they can be held accountable through the Criminal Justice system.

45% of the victims of domestic homicide in the Thames Valley were unknown to the police.

Domestic abuse services and the police cannot help support a domestic abuse victim if they are unaware that it's happening. Everyone needs to work together to break the cycle before it's too late.

Contacting Crimestoppers

Do you have information about a domestic abuse situation but are worried about being identified if you speak out?

Crimestoppers is an independent charity that provides the public with a unique, safe and anonymous means of passing on information about crime. They make it easier for you to break the silence around domestic abuse.

  • Crimestoppers is NOT part of the police
  • Your call cannot be traced and is never recorded
  • They will never ask your name or where you live
  • You will NOT be asked to visit a police station, make a statement or go to court
  • You will always remain completely anonymous. No one will know you called
  • Crimestoppers' guarantee of anonymity has never been broken

When you call 0800 555 111 you will speak to an experienced call handler who will deal sensitively with your information and gather as much detail as possible. This information is put into a report and checked to ensure that nothing could identify you. The report is then passed directly to the relevant local police. Thames Valley Police will thoroughly research the information or intelligence, checking with our partners before taking the appropriate action.

The 0800 555 111  Crimestoppers phone line is open 24 hours, every day of the year. Information can also be passed to them online at